How Technology is Helping Companies Connect with Clients

Nowadays, brands are turning to the power of technology more than ever before in an effort to attract, engage and retain customers in new and innovative ways.

Gartner revealed in his recent report that brands embracing technologies such as the retail sector and interior design in perth, using gesture control, Internet of Things (IoT), hybrid cloud computing, and machine learning have a substantial focus on new and modern ways to reach clients and are ready to participate in marketing efforts to gain greater social connection, or product and service value.

Here, we look at how the a few leading global brands are creatively attracting more customers by using technology and also how they were able breathe life into their ad campaigns.

  1. OMO’s smart peg

OMO, a washing detergent brand recently partnered with J Walter Thompson to launch Peggy. Peggy is a smart peg that offers consumers with information on the best time to do the washing according to various weather indicators. It features light, humidity and temperature sensor along with a Wi-Fi module. The peg is synced to consumer’s mobile phone and uses push notification to update users of changes in weather conditions. It also features a long life inbuilt battery and a USB charging port. The weather snapshot, approximate complete drying time, drying cycle and wash cycle timing can be viewed on user’s mobile screen. Users also have the option to set reminders on when to plan a wash.

Paul Connell, the Unilever laundry and homecare A/NZ marketing said: “In today’s complex and hyper-connected world, we believe brands have a responsibility to create and lead for a positive change, I see innovation and being open to explore solutions like Peggy as key to us achieving this.”

  1. Cherry Ripe’s OOH displays

Mondelez’s Cherry Ripe time-targeted OOH advertising campaign displayed at a stations managed by Val Morgan Outdoor brought together facial, recognition audience insights data and digital out-of-home. The technology uses data to identify when the target audience is likely to be paying attention to the screen while at the petrol station. It also determines if the viewer is within that target demographic using the Val Morgan’s real-time audience measurement system, before serving the ad accordingly

  1. Heineken’s interactive beer bottle

Heineken’s Ignite concept created headlines in an effort to tap into the cool aspect of club culture using its interactive beer bottles fitted with LEDs and motion sensors designed to light up during a partygoer’s night out.

With the help of an 8-bit microprocessor, eight bright LEDs, and an accelerometer, customer’s motions such as cheering or taking a swig can trigger certain effects that light up the whole bottle. The effect can also trigger each bottle to become a light source that can be synchronized to music using software or remotely activated.

There is no denying that customer support is valuable to a small or midsize business, even for a solo interior designer in brisbane for instance.  The level of service a business provides has an impact on client loyalty to a brand and your company. With the economy in recession, clients have more options than ever. The company that turns out to be receptive to client requirements, complaints, or other requirements can obtain a clear competitive edge. That is why it’s essential to know how new technology can allow you to anticipate customer requirements, tailor business processes to best serve clients, and ultimately enhance the efficiency of your company, the latter of which can keep prices down.

Client Service Technology

There are a few key areas where technology can help provide benefits to companies in maintaining customer loyalty by enhancing customer support:

  • Supplying areas in your site where clients can answer their own questions or seek responses from other people.
  • E-mail. Utilizing email for a means to increase customer service and much more rapidly respond to specific requirements or assist requests.
  • Unifying communications so you are aware that the client who left a voice mail also delivered an email with the exact same petition a couple of days back.
  • Computer Software. Better handling client relationships with more complex data-gathering tools, such as a client relationship management program utilizing cloud computing services.

Giving customers what they need, when they need it

The objective of your company concerning its customer connections is the loyalty. There is no better means to do that than to provide quality services and products and also to be receptive to your clients. However, as new technology come to market to make it much easier for companies to give customer assistance, they might also be increasing the amount of channels by which you interact with clients and the complexity of these interactions. An it service company, suggests that companies that want to utilize technology to raise the quality of the client support should focus on the following:

  • Data analytics and management. Using data gathered from client to examine their tastes.
  • Insight-driven advertising. Gaining insights to your company from customer information so that you can more efficiently target advertising.
  • Marketing automation. Streamlining and automating business processes to enhance efficiency and keep prices low.
  • Self-service optimization. Finding methods for clients to interact with your own company when they need.
  • Workforce effectiveness. Encouraging your employees to adopt new methods enhancing client treatment by offering training and tools to provide better support.

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